For two years, the Red Dragons video has taken on a life of its own, with total strangers telling us we should win an award for just the story alone.  Well we listened, and are excited to announce you were right!  The award winning story was our first experiment with a scripted narration, voiced-over beautifully by my 5-year-old daughter.  The video follows a "Casey At The Bat" like story-line, chronicling the Red Dragons quest for "one measly goal."

We invite you to see for yourself why soccer-moms are looking at the sport in a new light, and why grown men are left teary eyed.  One viewer recently told us, "It makes me want to go out and have kids right away!"  Whether you have kids or not, the Red Dragons will make you stand up and cheer!  Enjoy...

Producer, Dan Murphy     


View the piece featured on Sports Final here:


2007 Bronze Telly Award winner in the following categories:
Best Sports Video
Best Video for Children's Audience
Best Copywriting
Best Low-budget Video
Best Non-profit / Charitable Video

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